Addicted to MOOCs

Okay, I admit it. I'm completely addicted to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). As a child, I always loved to learn more about anything, and like lots of people of my generation, the web has completely changed my learning habits, the way I consume information and obtain knowledge.
And today is a great time to learn on the web, the expansion of services providing online courses completely free and provided by the best universities in the world came to shake the world of online learning. It's amazing how someone in one of the most isolated places in the world can learn from the best universities like Stanford or Berkeley using only a computer and an internet connection.

My experience with MOOCs began in the summer of 2012, having completed the course "Software Engineering for Software as a Service (Part I)" provided by the UC Berkeley along with Coursera (this course is now offered by edX). It was lectured by Armando Fox and David Patterson, two major researchers in the computer science field.
Since then I've completed four more courses:

And I am currently attending these two:

Coursera and edX are now offering some payed solutions so you can have a verified certificate to include on your curriculum and it can be a better proof that you successfully completed the course, however if you don't pay anything you still receive a statement of accomplishment that you can include on your resume or on your LinkedIn, for example. Some interesting MOOC platforms besides those two I've talked before includes udacity, or p2pu.

Keep learning!