Back again

Hi! Unfortunately, I didn't write anything new lately but I'll do it more often in the coming weeks. The blog was down for a few days because I had some problems upgrading Ghost and was also looking for alternatives to Openshit. For now, I didn't found a better solution to host the blog and here I'll stay.

As you may remember, last week (October 29th) I defended my MSc thesis and passed with a final score of 18 (out of 20). Now it's time to keep improving and invest in new projects, try new stuff, read more stuff, attend to conferences, learn new languages and frameworks, etc.
Here is the public version (in portuguese) of my thesis. You can request a copy of the full version sending me an e-mail, but i can't guarantee that i'll send you back because I must ask permission to the company I worked with during the development of this project.