GWT.create 2013

Just came back from the GWT.create event in Frankfurt and it was really awesome. The talks were really useful, and I learned a lot of new things, despite of using GWT for about a year and a half, I still have so much to learn.
It was really cool to see that the GWT community is very much alive and the event was completely full. For me the best talk was definetely the Daniel Kurka's "Why Javascript sucks but we still hate it", it was really funny and a little bit scary (we can do some nasty weird stuff with javascript). I think all the talks will be available online in a few days and this one will be bookmarked, for sure. The GQuery talk, was really useful, I think that's something I'll use in the future. I also have to try Vaadin in some personal project and GWT + Phonegap looks like a promising idea, I really hope that it succeeds.
And basically that's it. See you next year (I hope!).