Inspiration for my thesis defense

While I'm preparing my MSc thesis defense* I'm reviewing some of my favourite talks and presentations to get some inspiration. Here's some of my favourite talks of all time, presented by people I really admire as professionals.

Bret Victor

Well, this guy is simply a visionary and he demonstrates it very well in this talk.

"Uncle" Bob Martin

I would love to work with Bob Martin. He has been a software professional since 1970, do I need to say more? You can see in this talk how he puts everything in its right place, it's just awesome.

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler is one of the 17 developers (along with Bob Martin) who published the Agile Manifesto. He's Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks and started working with software in the early 80’s. I think this talk it's great because it explains the fundamentals of NoSQL, that it's something i'm really diving into at this moment.

*The content of the link is in Portuguese. Basically, it is stating that the thesis defense will take place at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, on October 29th.