Multi-Window User Interfaces are back, finally!

With smartphones getting bigger, the fullscreen app view doesn't make sense anymore. Samsung has already a multi-window feature and it looks like Apple will also introduce multi-window features for the next iPad generation. Besides those two, a new report from Android Police suggests that Google is planning for a new multi-window Android update that is pretty similar to the solution adopted by Samsung and even by Microsoft with its Windows 8. Basically, the user can split the screen in half to show two different apps side-by-side, controlling how much space each app takes up.
I think that these are great news for mobile users that can now have some real multitasking on their mobile devices. For example, when I'm writing some stuff on my Asus Transformer tablet I find myself constantly switching between the browser and the word processing app, and with a 10.1 inches screen, I have more than enough space to view the two apps at the same time. Great news to have while I'm waiting for my One Plus One phone! :)